dissabte, 21 de desembre del 2019


The aim of this project is to raise students' awareness of various important topics that interest and affect their life, such as bullying, children's rights, Internet safety, environmental issues and observing the most important celebrations as well. Through the projectstudents will be able to use English as a common communication tool and develop the key competences. 
All topics  will have common products and each class will produce posters, board games, survey, quizzes, videos and presentations by using both craft materials and ICT tools.
Partners will exchange ideas and present their works to peers, teachers and parents.  They will become little songwriters, be able to sing songs in English and arts & crafts any time.
This month we got some Christmas cards ready to send to Italy, France, Poland and Turkey where the main aim is to wish some hopes and dreams to everyone surrounding us.
Have a look at the photos we’ve taken about 2nd ESO students working on their cards.
ESO English Department

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